Thank you very much for your continued support towards "BRAVELY ARCHIVE".

We hereby would like to inform you that the service of "BRAVELY ARCHIVE" will be terminated on Thursday, August 29, 2019 21:00(PDT).

Until now, we have constantly attempted to provide a high-quality service.

However at this time we have come to the conclusion that it is difficult to continue providing services that will satisfy our players.

Our team would like to thank all players for their supports and loves towards our game and our heroes,

as well as expressing our heartfelt apologies for having to break this unfortunate news to you all.

For schedule of the service closure,

please refer to the information below.

【Service termination】

◆Suspension of Material Stone sales

06/30/2019 21:00(PDT)

* You will be able to continue using "Material Stones" that are currently in your possession until the end of the service.

◆End of game service

08/29/2019 21:00(PDT)

There is a short period until the end of service,

but we hope that you will continue to enjoy "BRAVELY ARCHIVE".


From all of the "BRAVELY ARCHIVE" Management Staff